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Pack Your Camera - Photography Tuition & Travel

Being a Cape town based photographer definitely has it’s advantages in the fact that this City, or this part of South Africa has some of the most beautiful settings, locations and landscapes that the world has to offer. So being surrounded by this beauty and with the fact that I always always love sharing my photographic knowledge and experience with others, the idea of Pack Your Camera was born.

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The Right Choice - Selecting Your Photographer

That market is flooded, that’s a fact. So who is not good, who is great and who is exceptional and how can you tell?

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Should I book a male or female photographer for my wedding, the intimate question?

So what I would like to set out to do with this blog is to make two points: (1) book your photographer based on their skills, referrals and artistic merit regardless of gender and (2) how to doctor your possible fears of working with a male photographer.

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This Is Me: Denise Cowburn-Levy

Not only is Denise a pioneer in the stills production business here in Cape Town through her Cape Town Productions company, she is also a wonderful advocate to the Reach For A Dream charity, a lover of food through her amazing Ginger & Lime “for the love of cooking” cooking classes which she hosts in her own kitchen, and also owns and manages two beautiful homes in Yzerfonrein that she rents out for international fashion crews to utilise for photographic shoots.

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Shift your Perspective - Lenses and a bit of Photoshop

This effect is know as Tilt Shifting and is also known as Miniature Faking. This effect creates the illusion that a normal sized object that are blurred in a particular way give the perspective that the object is a lot smaller. Another attraction to this skill in photography is very much about changing the optical perspective of the image.The effect makes it impossible not to trail your eye to the centre of the image to the focused areas. If your image contains smaller details, you can trail focus to these details which otherwise may have been overlooked. It is really such a clever tool. This twist on your standard photography can bring about all kinds of artistic fun.


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The E-Session Shoot - Traditional “I think not”

When last did you get really dressed up to go out and have loads of fun? What is your most favorite place in the world that is close to home and close to your heart?
Who is that special person you love to enjoy life with and want to have an amazing future with? These are just three of the ingredients to making your engagement shoot
something to treasure and romance about. With us, the shoot will go that much further in order to capture you in your element, all dressed up and ready to make memories for a lifetime with the one you love.

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Your Big Day, the Choices you Make - The Memories You are Left With

The reason this question is raised is because after all is said and done, you will be left with an album of memories. Will this be an album that you cannot wait to throw in the lap of your guests and friends to look through or will you be embarrassed and hesitant to share your special day with others because your pictures do not truly reflect your personalities, your special day or what you were expecting from your service provider?

I have been prompted to write this article based on many years of requests from couples to have their creative shoot re-shot because of failure on the part of the hired “professional”.

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The Versatile 24-70mm Lens - All You Need to Know

I hope this is not too unprofessional but I would just like to say how unbelievably excited both Adrian and I are to be involved in this first edition of Flat White. Our journey with Christine and Warren started back in 2009 when I used to write for her earlier coffee magazine all those years ago. Our love of coffee and our symbiotic creative relationship has led us to cross paths again and I could not be happier about it. So enjoy our column as often as we are able to be honored with your eyeballs reading the section!

Another love we share with this fabulous couple is a love for Cape Town. This love affair for Adrian and I began in December of last year. We saved up, booked and drove down to Cape Town from Durban for a little annual holiday. Adrian is a Photographer and I am both his wife and his kind of untitled creative sidekick if you will. We dive into adventures of travel and photo making as often as work allows us and this time it led us to fall in love with Cape Town.

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It Bears Repeating … “I’m booking a cheap Photographer!”

Recently browsing my mini feeds I receive awesome notifications from local and overseas blogs showcasing Photographers who have successfully captured DIY and budget weddings. But when it comes to some South African DIY/Budget Weddings there is a trend of using “the budding photographer”. Now before I get slammed for abusing the new-be photographer, I understand that everyone starts somewhere but also know a second thing. The top Photographers in our industry are fully booked and cannot want for more work so this is not about anyone “stealing work” or anything like that.

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