Photographer Selection Guideline

The Right Choice - Selecting Your Photographer

That market is flooded, that’s a fact. So who is not good, who is great and who is exceptional and how can you tell?

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Should I book a male or female photographer for my wedding, the intimate question?

So what I would like to set out to do with this blog is to make two points: (1) book your photographer based on their skills, referrals and artistic merit regardless of gender and (2) how to doctor your possible fears of working with a male photographer.

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Your Big Day, the Choices you Make - The Memories You are Left With

The reason this question is raised is because after all is said and done, you will be left with an album of memories. Will this be an album that you cannot wait to throw in the lap of your guests and friends to look through or will you be embarrassed and hesitant to share your special day with others because your pictures do not truly reflect your personalities, your special day or what you were expecting from your service provider?

I have been prompted to write this article based on many years of requests from couples to have their creative shoot re-shot because of failure on the part of the hired “professional”.

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It Bears Repeating … “I’m booking a cheap Photographer!”

Recently browsing my mini feeds I receive awesome notifications from local and overseas blogs showcasing Photographers who have successfully captured DIY and budget weddings. But when it comes to some South African DIY/Budget Weddings there is a trend of using “the budding photographer”. Now before I get slammed for abusing the new-be photographer, I understand that everyone starts somewhere but also know a second thing. The top Photographers in our industry are fully booked and cannot want for more work so this is not about anyone “stealing work” or anything like that.

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Justifying the expense of “The Wedding Photographer”

Recently a local Photographer blogged the good, bad and ugly of wedding photography and outlined the job at hand of being the one who captures someone’s special day Photographically. So this gave me an idea for an article about how to justify what you are spending on your special snaps.

After the countless hours you have spent trying on dresses, choosing stationery, trying menu’s and sampling cakes and booking your venue you will be left with one of the most important items on a wedding to do list - your Photographer. This is both a tricky and time consuming task for some because there is the delicate balance of cost vs quality and what you can actually spend. So how can you justify what you spend on your Photographer for your wedding. Well let me walk you through a little bit of what goes into your special day.

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