PRODUCTION – it’s what we do…..with passion!” True words from Cape Town Productions

I was recently hired, as a social media photographer, by an international brand to cover their shoot here in our beautiful Cape Town and her outlying areas. It was a wonderful privilege working alongside of one of Cape Town’s most professional and friendly production companies, namely Cape Town Productions. These guys really know their stuff…

From location hunting, photo lighting, styling, production management, photo assisting, catering and right down to the applying of sunscreen to some hard working sunburnt photographers, theses guys (and girls) are a well oiled team. Shooting for ten solid days was an absolute breeze, no stress was my stress, I could turn to whoever for whatever, and in a heartbeat it was taken care of. Downtime means fun time and as you can see from some of the pics below, fun was had by all of us.

I am not able to divulge the product that was being photographed as the launch date is only set for 2018. I had the privilege of working alongside a design team out of England and a photographic team from the United State, who were also directing the 10 days of shooting.

Cape Town Productions, under the wonderful guidance and management of Gavin Levy and his team, made sure this shoot was a huge success and I am already longing for the next one I get asked to cover, alongside these seasoned professionals.

Viva Cape town Productions Viva!

Here are some behind the scenes images you may enjoy.

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