How would you like to come to Thailand to shoot our wedding? Damn guys, yes of course I would! Was the immediate response my mind was giving, but being the professional Cape Town Photographer that I am, I just played it cool and said, hey that sounds amazing, let me check my availability and get back to you soonest. Well as it turns out, this guys was available and was doing a little happy dance. With a sit down drinks meeting (the best kind of meeting of course) at Hudsons Burger Joint in Green Point, the deal was struck and four or so months later I was jetting off to the wonderful Thailand island of Koh Phangan.

Jaime and Ashton are two wonderful people, so laid back and yet so full of energy, and with 30 or so of their most nearest and dearest, I totally understood just why they had chosen to get married on this postcard picturesque island, and in their choice of the wonderful Hansa Resort as their home for wedding week and their reception venue. Palm trees for miles, dusty outbacks, turquoise blue ocean and cosy bays, warm lapping tides, awe inspiring temples, tasty and interesting cuisine, one million scooters, palm trees (oh did I mention that already) ferry trips, bus rides, train rides, warm sand, beautiful waterfalls, volcanic looking mountains and hearty friendships with mostly every tourist and local you bump into… the island of Kho Phangan was the perfect location.

A quaint but stunning wooden stilted look out point nestled on top of a mountain that overlooked a flood of palm trees and most of the island, was the perfect spot for the wedding ceremony. With the aid of their Shaman friend Paul from Joburg and three very harmonious monks, the wedding ceremony was a wonderful occasion to capture. After the knots were tied, rings and kisses exchanged, happy tears were shed, words spoken and unspoken, and a little while after congratulatory kisses, hugs and more happy tears, and with the rain threatening to fall, we decided to do the shoot right there and then and what a wonderful choice that was. The lighting was magnificent, dark clouds brewing in the background and Jaimi and Ash just having golden moments with each other as my cameras fired away.

From there it was scooters and taxis back down the “heel” (hill) to Hansa resort which had been wonderfully decorated and laid out just e few hours earlier in the day, by Jaime, her mom, and all of her bridesmaids. Great food, warm hearted speeches, fire acts from local and Russian artists, DJ sessions from Ash and his mates and a crazy dance floor of celebrating friends was pretty much the order of the night, and that is just how this wonderful marriage celebration continued way into the wee hours of the following morning. A celebration to remember.

Not only did I get to photograph and celebrate with this couple, but I was also treated to many extra days around the wedding date to travel, tour, experience and photograph the islands of Thailand. Thank you for choosing me to capture your wedding, you guys are awesome.

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