My start time is usually around 2 hours before service depending on the Package* you have selected. I like to run the day in an organised and planned way which makes your day run smoother and as stress free as possible. The below is a simplified order of the day:

  • Photographer(s) arrival
  • Decor Photographs (of Reception and Ceremony)
  • Guys Photos*
  • Girls Photos
  • Ceremony
  • Congratulations (and a group photo)
  • Wedding Creative Shoot ±1.5 hours*
  • Family Photos
  • Reception
  • Garter & Bouquet before I leave

Things to remember on the day:

- Let your decorator and flower supplier know what time I will be arriving to Photograph the wedding areas. They will then ensure the venue looks perfect because this is a reflection of their work and they may want to use some of your decor photos in their portfolio

- When we arrive with the girls in the morning, the room must be tidy and the door ways with light are clear for the photographers use. Sometimes if the make up artist has many people to beautify before we arrive and he/she may be set up in front of the well lit areas (for good reason) and then we are left with little room to photograph without moving and interfering with the make up artist’s setup. Items to have ready and waiting should be: (1) the dress hanging up (2) Jewelry and Wedding Rings (3) Shoes, Garter, Perfume and other items including the bouquets ready for photos. Also remember, a neat gown or suitable sleep wear can look very pretty in photos so be mindful what you wear and how flattering it is for morning photos.

Top Cape Town Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer - Adrian Shields

- It is good to remember a couple of things for your ceremony - ask the minister how he wants you to stand or be positioned at the ceremony. If there are any special requests or arrangements he has please ask him to pop me a mail before the day. If you have musicians or singers at your ceremony please also let me know. When you leave the ceremony area, make sure you guests have been handed the confetti and that you walk out ahead of your bridal party or else your confetti photo will be of your bridal party and not you! If you would love a Group Photo after the ceremony, ensure that you have allotted time for this and have briefed the MC on where we would like to do this so he can help me gather the guests and make announcements.

Top Cape Town Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer - Adrian Shields

- The Creative Shoot is a fun and enjoyable aspect of the day. Make sure that if the venue has not provided one, that a groomsman is tasked with stocking a cooler bag with beers, drinks and water and maybe some crisps or snacks for your photo shoot. Post ceremony you can be dry mouthed and feeling a bit weathered after 100 hugs and kisses. Remember to bring along your props for the day! If the groom wheres sunglasses get each groomsmen to bring a pair so that everyone matches. After about 30 mins with the bridal party we sometimes ask them to head back to the guests, so that (1) your parents can relax knowing they have reinforcements and so (2) you guys can have some alone time in front of the camera. Then again sometimes the bridal party stays so we are flexible and call things like this on the day.

- We like for family photos to take approximately 15 minutes. For this we will need Moms and Dads, Grandparents and your Siblings. If your siblings and married or ENGAGED please include their partners and children. Boyfriends and Girlfriends should be omitted for these official photos. Ask the MC to gather the family individually or else general announcements can confuse other family members and it may also disrupt seating if some family intend on taking their own photos of this section of the day.

Top Cape Town Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer - Adrian Shields

- We cover most of the reception including the Garter & Bouquet if scheduled before our leaving time. For Durban/JHB and Winter Cape Town weddings we usually leave the wedding around 21h00 (due to a 3pm ceremony time) and in Summer Weddings in Cape Town our leaving time will be around 22h00 (or 30 mins after). Please ensure both your DJ and your MC are aware of our times so we can ensure to capture all these special moments.

Your day is SO special to us and we want to make sure we have dotted every i and crossed every t. So if you have any questions please email us!

*This is dependent on the amount of hours and/or Package booked. Please check with me if you are unsure of this.